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March 9, 2012

Memorial Service

The Grant family invites you to honor and celebrate Dad's life.

Michael A. Grant Memorial Service

Tuesday, March 13th 2012

12:00 PM

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church
955 Johnson Ferry Road
Marietta, GA 30068

Service will be held in the Main Sanctuary.

Following the Memorial Service, a reception will be held in the Magnolia Room of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church.

March 8, 2012

Daddy's Home


Today, my sweet, genuine, courageous, caring and loving Dad has gone to be with His Heavenly Father.  I know the Lord greeted him with wide open arms and said:  Well done, my good and faithful servant. 

Thank you for your sweet words of love and encouragement and your prayers for our family during this time.  We don't yet have details for his Memorial Service but we will post them as soon as they become available. 

We are sad, but we know that Dad is alive in Christ and is singing songs to the Lord in His presence.  We will miss him tremendously until we see him again in Heaven.

We love you all and will treasure your words of encouragement, support and prayers in the coming months.

~ Colleen

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Dad's honor to the Michael A. Grant Boys & Club. Below are details:

·         Online- can be made at (there is an option to make this gift in memory/honor of someone). When someone gives a gift online and selects an honor/memory gift there will be space to fill out this information.

·         Mail- Donations can be mailed to address below. If giving a gift by check, the individual can include a note to let us know it is a gift in memory/honor of Mike, and/or include Mike’s name on the memo line.
o   Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta
Attn: Resource Development Department
100 Edgewood Ave. NE
Suite 700
Atlanta, GA 30303

March 7, 2012

"I love you Mike"


As a family, we wanted to give you the latest update on Dad.  His health continues to decline.  He's down to 145 lbs and very very weak.  He continues to sleep most of the day, is sick at night and is barely eating.  Dad does not want to go back to the hospital, but his doctor's office will be sending a nurse to the house to put in an IV so he can at least get some form of nutrition.  Unfortunately, the earliest the Palliative Care team can come to evaluate Dad is March 15th. 

Friends, it's only a matter of time before the Lord takes him home and heals Dad completely.  We love the notes and comments that many of you have shared with our family and specifically with Dad over the years and especially in these past few days.  If you would like to share one last comment with Dad, we encourage you to email either myself or my mom.  Even if it's just: "I love you, Mike".  Mom has been reading all the thoughts, comments and prayers to Dad.  Know that Dad is at peace with where he is going and he's ready to go home. 

My email:
Mom's email:

February 28, 2012

Why my Dad is a great Dad...

The past two weeks have been rough weeks for Dad.  There has been a significant change in his overall health which has caused some concern.  Dad has become increasingly weak....not able to stand for long periods of times, his walking isn't completely stable, and at times, doesn't even have the strength to shave or shampoo his hair.  Last week was the first time where Dad decided he couldn't go to work....he's been home ever since and spends most of his day sleeping.

While his appetite has been decreasing over the past few months, more recently, Dad's appetite is almost non-existent.  He isn't hungry and at times, already feels full with an empty stomach.   Dad is thin and he continues to lose a lot of weight...sometimes daily.  He is down to 160 lbs. 

With a recent visit to the doctor, they have given him some medicine that we hope will increase his appetite and ultimately, could help him gain additional strength.  One specific prayer request is that this medicine will work and help him re-gain an appetite and his energy.  

Mom and Dad are also in the beginning process of discussing palliative home care options with the doctors and are waiting to hear from the palliative team to learn more about how that may help Dad with these recent health changes.  Pray for discernment in this area. 

As I reflect on this "journey" that Dad and the family have been through, I'm reminded of how often the Lord has answered our many prayers.  We asked for more time...and more time we have been given.  This past weekend, the entire family gathered to spend time with Dad.  Mom asked the following question to me, Jason and Sarah:  "What were the things that Dad did over the years to create such a great relationship with you?"  It was a great time because we all were able to affirm Dad as the great parent he has been.  The key word was that he was "Present".  As I get older, I understand how important and significant that is and was and how blessed I am to have received his loving presence.  Dad was present in all things....whether it was to cheer us on at a sporting or music event, to eat at the dinner table and have family conversations, to one on one attention.  Dad was definitely a "parent" in that he disciplined us and helped guide us as we went through life.  As we have all gotten older, Dad has continued to remain present in our life....those of you know that know Dad know that he's one of the best cheerleaders out there.  I'm sure you've experience him being "present" as well.  In addition to Dad always being "present", Dad showed us love....he verbally communicated to each of how much he loves us and how proud he is of us.  He verbally communicated to us that he would be "present" and that he loves us so.  For me, Dad was a great example of what our Heavenly Father does for us....He's been present for us and wants to see us succeed.  He loves us.  I'm so thankful that my Heavenly Father and earthly father have modeled that love for me.

We are so thankful that many of you have joined our family in being prayer warriors for dad.  He's a fighter and we all know that.  He's going to continue to fight until God decides He wants him home.  Thank you for your continued prayers.  We love each of you!

February 7, 2012

Still Dating my Dad...

This past weekend Dad and I went on a Daddy-Daughter date night.  Chick-fil-A restaurants around Atlanta were hosting daddy/daughter date nights in their restaurants and we were excited to participate!  Chick-fil-A does a great job in hosting this event with servers, entertainment, white/black tablecloth, flowers, etc.  We loved the place mats as they had questions for daughters to ask dads and vice versa.  We enjoyed the evening asking each other questions that aren't the normal day to day talking points.  We shared funny stories and great memories over the years.  I'm thankful that I'm never too old to date my dad.....looking forward to continuing our conversations in future dates as well.
Dad and I (Colleen) before our dinner date

First Daddy Daughter Date Night

I also wanted to share an update on dad's health.  He is still feeling great and going to work each week.  He continues to have routine doctor visits to monitor his health, see if new tumors or growth of tumors have appeared/occurred, and receives treatment to continue strengthening his hip bones.  Last week, dad had a brain MRI and this week, we learned that he has three brain tumors that have re-appeared.  He is visiting with his neurosurgeon tomorrow to talk about next steps.  He will most likely have targeted brain radiation to the's like a "zapping" procedure where it's supposed to blast away the tumors, but we know that the tumors have the potential to re-appear.  We continue to pray for strength, good health, and treatment options that leave dad feeling good!

January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Friends and Family!

Thankfully, we haven't had much to report on dad's health these past few weeks/months!  Dad has continued to go through his "normal" treatment routine, and his blood levels have remained about the same each week with minor fluctuation.  Dad has lost some weight and his energy level isn't back where it once was, but he's still eating good and going to work! 

We've been able to create great memories as a family!  One of dad's most recent "life" goals was achieved Christmas Day.  His desire was to meet his first grandson!  Aiden Michael Amodeo was born Christmas Day!  It was an incredible Christmas for all of us to be a part of! 

Thanksgiving at the Robinson's

Christmas Baby:  Aiden Michael Amodeo

Proud Mom and Dad:  Sarah and Alex

Proud Papa Mike with Aiden

The Grant Family wishes you many blessings for 2012.  We are grateful for your love, friendships, humor, prayers and encouragement!  God Bless!

November 18, 2011

The Boys & Girls Clubs

Can you believe it's been over a month since my last blog post?!?!  That's great news because there hasn't been any new updates on dad's health.  He CONTINUES to go to work and has routine weekly doctor visits to monitor his blood levels.  Recently, he had a brain MRI to see if new tumors had developed....there are no tumors in the brain!  Great news, huh?  Dad has continued to receive treatment/infusion therapy for the tumor in his bones to hopefully strengthen these bones and we continue to monitor his blood counts.  While we know that his tumors could bleed again, we pray for miraculous healing and no bleeding tumors.  Thank you for your continued prayers!

On another personal note, I'd love to share with you a passion that my dad has:  the Boys & Girls Clubs.  Since the early '90s, my dad has served on the board for the Boys & Girls Club of Cobb County and more recently on the Corporate board for the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta.   Through his 20+ years of service and leadership, he has helped raise over one million dollars for the clubs.  He also helped start an Oratorical Competition for youth to learn how to communicate and overcome their fears of public speaking.

From the words of my dad:  "God has endowed every child with His special imprint of unique gifts and talents.  It is the privilege of all those wonderful people associated with the work of the Cobb County Boys & Girls Clubs to love these children and it is our collective responsibility to nurture, encourage, and exhort them, allowing us to celebrate their achievements at each level of their development.  They can all, individually, be great representatives of their communities and their clubs.  I salute and pray for those who toil daily with these leaders of tomorrow..."

Over ten years ago, there was a need for a Boys & Girls Club in the South Cobb area and the Board of Directors implemented a Capital Campaign to raise money for a new club and teen center.  My dad's boss and close friend, Malon Mimms, confirmed his commitment to the disadvantaged youth by a giving a generous donation and allowing for the construction of a new club.  The new club was named, the Michael A. Grant club, in honor of my dad because of his dedication and love for the Cobb County Boys and Girls Clubs and their goals.

This past month, my dad was honored by the National Boys & Girls Clubs of America with the National Silver Medallion.  This award is only given to board volunteers for outstanding service to boys and girls and is the highest honor a board member can receive.  Dad was honored publicly in a personalized ceremony at the Michael A. Grant Club and at the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta Youth of Year award banquet.  It was such an honor for me as a daughter to see dad be publicly acknowledged for his efforts and to be recognized for the man that he is.  He was described as someone who was considered to be an "Angel" to the club.  Another described him as someone that always has two hands on your patting you on the back, and the other pushing you forward.  I'm proud...and extremely thankful that I have that kind of dad.

Dad given the Silver Medallion at the Michael A. Grant Club
Dad accepting the award at the Youth of the Year event held at the GA Aquarium.

Dad with one of the club's staff who was once a club member in his youth.

October 6, 2011

Continue to be Amazed...

It's been a few days since my last report which is actually a good thing.  Since dad's been home from the hospital, we have much to be thankful for.  Dad's blood levels have remained the same for the most part and are still in double digit counts.  We give praise for this as it tells us dad is not currently bleeding internally again and the embolization worked.  If you can believe it (which I'm sure you do), dad's been going back to work again.  :)  While those days are still not full work days, he's continued to show face in the office. 

His energy isn't back to where it used to be, but his appetite is growing.  This past weekend he and mom came to visit my husband and I at our new home and at dinner, he almost ate an entire 12 inch pizza!  We continue to be amazed and thankful for the extra time we are having with dad.  We continue to create more memories....

September 27, 2011

In and Out of the hospital

Yesterday was big day in that the doctors went ahead and did the embolization procedure for dad.  This is the same procedure that he had just weeks ago to help stop the bleeding of his tumor in the intestines.  Again, we knew that it was possible that the tumor could bleed again.  While the procedure has worked and they have stopped the bleeding, we pray specifically that it doesn't bleed again.  During this hospital stay, he's had a total of eleven units of blood.  We are so thankful for those that choose to donate blood.  I know the next blood drive I see, I'm going in! :)

Huge praise today in that his blood levels are the highest they have been in several months!  Just five days ago, they were the lowest they had ever been.  Because his blood levels have risen, dad gets to go home TODAY!!  Crazy, I know!  But thankfully, he can fully rest and recuperate in the comfort of his own home. 

September 25, 2011

Not giving up...

Friends and Family,

We ask that you continue in your prayers for my dad.  He was admitted to the hospital again over the weekend as his blood counts are the lowest they have ever been.  This tells us that he has internal bleeding again and it's caused by the same tumor that was previously bleeding.  We knew that it could bleed again, we just weren't expecting it to be so soon.  Dad's had a total of 7 units of blood since he's been in the hospital.  Tomorrow is a big day in that we talk with the doctors to see if they will be able to do another embolization procedure (same type he had before) to stop current bleeding.  If it is too complicated, they won't be able to stop the bleeding.  If they are not able to stop the bleeding, dad will most likely have to have blood transfusions every 2-3 days.  We will know more tomorrow.

Dad's in good spirits and he wants to continue to fight this.  We are so thankful for the continued days are able to have with dad. 

We are also thankful that he was able to get the brain radiation out of the way this past Thursday.  They did find two brain tumors that they were able to "zap". 

We continue to trust God through all of this and we feel Him giving each of us peace through this all.  We pray specifically for the bleeding to stop. 

September 15, 2011

So very thankful...

Exactly two weeks ago, dad had taken a turn for the worst. We believed he had days, maybe even just a few more hours to live.  Special moments were created from that as we were able to shower dad with our love, our prayers and words of affirmation of what an incredible dad, husband and friend that he has been to each of us.  I'm so very thankful for those moments, and very thankful that dad was able to come out of that.  "Wow" were the words I used, but "Praise God" are more accurate.  :)

Since dad drove himself to work last Thursday, he's continued to go to work each day since then!  While he may not be back to full days, he's going and still making some good deals for the company!  His energy level isn't fully back to normal and he is still fairly weak at times.  Most days/nights have been fair to good ones.  He's not giving up and he continues to fight.  

Today, dad went back to his infusion therapy for his bone cancer and he'll continue to get that treatment until he decides he doesn't want it anymore.  And next Thursday morning (Sept. 22 at 6:45 AM) is his brain radiation.  They plan to zap the tumor that is hemorrhaging in his brain.  We are still taking everything day by day.

We are so very thankful for the days that we've had and continue to have.  We are so very thankful for the many prayer warriors out there that are lifting our family and dad up.  We are so very thankful that we have a heavenly Father who loves us and walks us through these situations.

September 8, 2011

A Taste of Normal

You'll never believe this, but it's true:

Dad drove himself to work today! 

While he was only there for a few hours and was definitely tired when he got back, he made it into the office.  I can only imagine the surprise and smiles he got at work.  Dad loves his job and the wonderful people he works with....he gains a sense of joy, a sense of worth and purpose, and even energy from going into work (not too many people can say that)....what a blessing the Malon D. Mimms Company has been to dad and our family to create such a great environment.  Going to work, even for a few hours, gave dad a taste of normal again too! 

I'm not sure what future days look like as we are still taking everything day by day.  Once dad got home from the hospital, we learned that dad is not yet a candidate for home care as they require patients not to go to work....and dad wants the option to go into work when he can. 

I am still in shock as I reflect on what happened today.  And I'm reminded that we serve a gracious God. 

Dad's brain MRI is scheduled for this Saturday morning.  We continue to pray for miraculous healing and strength.  Wow! 

September 6, 2011

The Ultimate Fighter

Dad finally got to sleep in his own bed again!  He had a fairly good night sleep as well. 

Today's been a good day as well.  He woke up ready to EAT!  Dad hadn't been eating much the past few days and he is slowly regaining his appetite.  We pray that his appetite continues to grow and he will be able to gain more nutrition and more strength.  We are taking this a day at a time. 

This afternoon, we did see his Neurosurgeon.  (During his hospital stay, the doctors had ordered a brain CT Scan which did show small hemorrhaging.)  His brain surgeon was cautiously optimistic that if it's only one area and specifically a tumor that is bleeding, they will be able to radiate it if dad chooses.  Dad will have a brain MRI scheduled for later in the week.  He thought dad looked good in the sense that he was able to walk himself into the office and was having a conversation.  We were thankful to hear such positive comments from a doctor! 

We continue to pray for strength, no pain, comfort, peace and ultimate healing.  Dad is the ultimate fighter...the other Michael A. Grant has nothing on dad.  :)

September 5, 2011

Home in his own bed

Praise the Lord!  We have brought dad home. 

The past few days have been somewhat of a roller coaster for us with these last two-three days being quite a blessing.  As a family we've all been able to share really tender moments with dad that will be great memories for us to reflect on.  Each of us were able to share with dad what an amazing has been to each of us and a great husband he has been to mom. We were able to pray over each other, read scripture, and hear from dad and his insightful wisdom about life, parenting, marriage, etc.  We have even had dad crack a few jokes here and there.  Those moments were really a special gift from the Lord.....we are praying for many more moments like that. 

Below is an additional update from our dear friend Sherrie whose been updating additional prayer warriors:

"Each day is a glorious gift from God"!  These were Jeanne's words just now on the phone.  They are taking Mike home today!  This has been a roller coaster ride for the entire Grant family, to say the least.  Mike has been so close to death's door for several days this week only to take a positive turn yesterday.  PTL!  They are taking things one day at a time and thanking God for each moment they have with Mike.  He is still weak and has a battle ahead of him but he knows his days are in the Lord's hands and numbered by Him alone.  Please continue to pray for all of them as they face so many unknowns ahead.  They are so thankful for the love and prayers offered on their behalf for so many years.  Jeanne will let us know when Mike is able to receive visitors but calls, emails, cards etc are most welcome.  I'll keep you updated as things change. Thanks for standing in the gap!


September 2, 2011

Key Word: Quality


Today wasn't the best of days for dad as he is still running high fevers, is experiencing pain, and still physically weak....each of these symptoms are ultimately from the many tumors growing inside his body.  Many of these symptoms have been managed with medication which does help dad rest through some of this as well.  Considering the depth of his cancer, we know that he will continue to have these symptoms. 

As a family, we did have the opportunity to talk with doctors about future options and what is best for dad.  Priority number one is definitely to make sure he has quality of life.  Those of you that know my dad personally and have known his history of cancer, you know that dad has ALWAYS chosen quality of life over quantity of life.  And the Lord has blessed him with many quality life moments over this 14 year battle.  We can truly give praise for that! 

Ideally, dad wants to come home and we want dad to come home.  There is nothing like resting in your own bed!  After discussing some of the options from the doctor to dad, he has chosen home care.  This will allow him to be in his own bed and have nurses come, take great care of his symptoms and make sure he is comfortable.  As a family, we support dad's decision for quality of life and home care.

Dad will remain in the hospital for a few more days to make sure he stabilizes his temperature, he begins eating again, and has minimal pain. 

We are comforted by the many texts, cards, voice messages and emails and we share these with dad as well.  We believe in an awesome and sovereign God and we know that His Hand is on dad and this family.  We are still praying for more miracles. 

Late Night Update.

It's been a long day for all of us, but a good day in the sense that we could all be together throughout the day. 

Dad's procedure (embolization) went as well as the doctors expected and his kidney stayed protected the entire time!  Praise!  They were able to find the major arteries that are supplying blood to his tumor that was bleeding and were able to block those arteries to stop the blood flow.  The next 24 hours are crucial as there are side effects to look out for.  We did learn that this procedure is a current fix for now.  It's possible that the tumor may bleed again down the road from unseen we will continue to pray for no future bleeding.

This evening, dad did get a high temperature of almost 104.  Poor guy had to put ice packs all over to help get his body temp down.  When I left the hospital, his temp was at 100...which is his new "normal."  He's also experiencing some pain and nausea which are some of the side effects from being sedated for the procedure.  We pray for a peaceful night sleep. 

We hope to have more information to share tomorrow with plenty of additional praises as well! 

August 31, 2011

Double Digits brings Praise


Hope has been granted!  We heard good news from the doctors today. 

First:  Dad has had a total of four units of blood in the past 24 hours and his blood levels have risen to double digits!  They haven't been this high almost all month...even when he last left the hospital.  Great news and a huge praise!  It shocked us all and you could see happiness written all over our faces.

Second:  The results of the CT Scan showed that there are no additional tumors in the lower intestine that could also be the cause of bleeding.  Great News, because we've been given the green light to pursue a procedure conducted by radiology.

Third:  As of now, dad is a candidate for a specific procedure where doctors will go into his arteries, hopefully find the artery that is causing the bleeding in the tumor and cut off the blood supply to the tumor we believe is bleeding.  This would stop blood flow through the tumor and actually could help shrink the size of the tumor and allow food to pass more easily.  Great News again! 

Now, there are some risks involved which in every procedure there could be below are specific prayer requests:

  • Praise to our Heavenly Father for this news and for potentially allowing us more time with dad.
  • Medication will be given to help protect dad's only existing kidney as the process for preparing dad for this procedure could cause harm to that kidney.  Prayers for protection over that one kidney.
  • Pray for the bleeding source to be easily found and accessible
  • Pray that the artery supplying blood to the tumor is not supplying blood to anything else major...we don't want to cut off blood supply to other important parts of the body.
  • Pray that dad's blood levels continue to rise.
It's very possible that dad will be in the hospital through the weekend and we look forward to hopefully bringing him home soon again! 

News that gives us hope...

Dad had a good night sleep and his blood levels did rise just a bit from the two units of blood he received yesterday.  He'll continue to have "more blood" until he reaches levels the doctors are hoping for. 

His endoscopy procedure went well.  They did a biopsy on the tumor to confirm that it's cancerous and during the procedure, the tumor wasn't bleeding. 

Dad will be having a CT scan today to determine where in his intestines the bleeding could be coming from and to make sure there are no additional tumors bleeding.  Radiology believes they can do a procedure to cut off the bleeding source and prevent the tumor from bleeding as well.  Again, we will know more later today. 

This is all good news in the sense that it gives us hope that are potential options that could help and not cause additional harm to dad. 

We are so blessed to have you all in our lives and lifting dad and the family up in prayers.  We are so thankful. 

August 30, 2011

Admitted to the Hospital again...

Hey Friends-

Dad was able to stay away from the hospital and be at home for 10 days.  If you can believe it, he even went to work some of those days...I think he loved all the attention he was getting.  :)

Unfortunately, dad is back in the hospital today.  We know that he is bleeding internally again.  After he was admitted into his hospital room, he was quickly seen by the GI of the best.  At this time, the doctor doesn't think he can do anything to stop the bleeding.  Tomorrow morning (around 8:30ish) dad is having another endoscopy to confirm the source of the bleeding which we believe is the same tumor that was bleeding previously.  It's possible that the doctor may recommend dad to radiology to consider other procedures or options to help stop the bleeding.  Unfortunately, they can't remove the tumor and dad is not a candidate for any type of surgery.  We will know more tomorrow.  We are praying for a miracle. 

We ask that you continue to lift dad up in prayers.   Pray for healing, no pain, peace, and joy...

August 22, 2011

Monday's Doctor Visit

We are so thankful that dad was able to be home this weekend to rest and spend time with family.

Today was his follow up visit with his doctor.  Tests of his blood levels showed that they are the same as when he left the hospital.  Great News!  It tells us that he's most likely not losing additional blood and the internal bleeding has stopped.  We know that it will take time for his body to replenish his blood levels.  He will continue to be checked each week to see where his blood levels are at and will be given additional blood as needed.

We continue to pray for strength, no growth of existing tumors, normal temperatures. 

If you would like to call dad to encourage him, pray with him, make him laugh...please feel free to do that. 

August 19, 2011

Dad's Coming Home!

Best News of the day:  Dad gets to come home today.  YAY!  Praise God!  Nothing like being home, out of the hospital and in your own bed. 

While dad's blood levels are still low for a man his size, they are high enough to allow him to come home.  Dad has been waking up with fevers, which could be from the tumors or the transfusions. By mid-morning, his temperature is back to normal.  There is a 50/50 chance dad may be readmitted if additional internal bleeding occurs.  Dad has a scheduled doctor visit on Monday to check his blood levels at that time. 

Dad is still weak, so the doctor's orders are for him to rest over the dancing for sure.  :) 

The family is requesting no visitors at the house as he really needs his rest, but phone calls are okay if dad is up for them. 

We can't fully express how thankful we are for your many thoughts and prayers....THANK YOU!  We serve an awesome God, who loves us dearly and wants what's best for us and right now...what's best for dad if for him to come home.  Thank you Jesus! 

August 18, 2011

X marks the spot

Yesterday turned out to be a good day after the morning's first hiccup.  Dad had a fairly steady temperature throughout the day, had no more vomiting, and received two additional units of blood.  Dad is not a candidate for the stent procedure, so we are praying for no growth from the tumors. 

Dad had a good night as well.  He did wake up with about a 101.7 temperature, but we're confident that will get back to normal today.  (prayer request for normal temp).  He's already seen one of his doctors this morning.  While dad's blood levels have risen, they are not quite where the doctor wants them to be....two more units of blood to be given today.  Each one is a four hour process.  We continue to pray that his blood levels rise and the stay up.  Doctors believe they are tackling the internal bleeding.  Dad has also been upgraded from a clear liquid diet to a soft food diet....No more broth or jello!  YAY!  Dad is looking good....he even shaved this morning! 

We still have two additional doctors to see today, so additional updates will be provided if we have new information. 

As dad continues to get orders for more blood, myself and my siblings are reminded of a childhood tickle back that we would give to dad called "X marks the spot".  It went like this:  X marks the spot.  Knife stabs you in the back...the blood rushes down. Spiders crawling up your back to bite you on the shoulders.  Cool Breeze.  Touch squeeze.  I'm not sure where we learned this as the words are not really meant for a child or anyone else to be saying, but we loved to give and receive this tickle back....especially when it came to the blood rushing down.  Dad would always ask for "more blood, more blood" because it felt the best out of all the steps in the tickle back.  We all smile when we hear "more blood" and we are reminded of those great memories. 

August 17, 2011

Restful Night


Dad had a good night and was able to sleep fairly well through the evening.  Thankfully, his blood has thickened to a level that we want.  His overall blood level is not quite were we need it, so he is getting two more units of blood today.  We're still not sure if the internal bleeding has stopped, so we continue to pray for that and that his blood levels get to where they need to be and stay up.

After breakfast, dad did get sick and wasn't able to keep anything down. It's possible that the bleeding tumor is blocking liquids from passing.  Dad's been given medication to help keep the liquids from building up and his eating plan for the day has changed from three large meals to 6 small ones.  He will continue to be monitored throughout the day and we pray the medication and smaller meals help.  It's possible that if it doesn't work, he will get a stent procedure to allow the food/liquids to bypass the tumor.  I'll keep you all posted on this.

We continue to ask for no visitors at this time as dad may continue to vomit and he needs additional rest so he can come home.  We understand your intention in wanting to visit, but know that you'll be able to visit at a later time when he's feeling better. 

August 16, 2011

Continue the prayers....


It does appear that dad may be in the hospital for a few days to recover.  We've learned that dad did lose a significant amount of blood from the internal bleeding.  Over the next few days, dad will be given additional blood and medication to help get him stabilized and feeling well enough to come home.  Dad did have some negative reactions from the blood he was receiving, so the nurses/doctors have been giving him some medication to help calm the symptoms he's getting.  This medication causes dad to be very tired and he is in much need of rest.  During his stay at the hospital, we do ask for NO visitors, we want to allow time for rest and a quick recovery. 

We've all been so encouraged by your prayers, thoughts, emails and text messages.  THANK YOU! 

Continued Prayer Requests:
  • The internal bleeding does indeed stop
  • Dad's blood levels get back to normal
  • No side effects from new blood received
  • Praise for the kindness coming from the nurses and the doctors
  • No new blood clots form now that he is permanently off blood thinning medication (while he still needs this medication, it's more important to stop the internal bleeding)

Results from Endoscopy

Dad had his endoscopy procedure this morning and thankfully they were able to find the source of the internal bleeding.  In the small bowel below the stomach, the doctors found a new tumor that is bleeding.  The next plan of action is to give dad some frozen blood and vitamin K which should help clot it and stop the bleeding.  They will also be giving dad more blood which should help him gain strength and hopefully allow him to be discharged from the hospital.

Thank you to the many of you that have lifted dad and our family up during these past few days.  We can give praise to finding the source of the bleeding and giving the doctors wisdom on what to do next.  We continue to pray that the bleeding will indeed stop and dad can come home. 

August 15, 2011

Update from the ER

Dad will be admitted to the Hospital because he does have internal bleeding.  Now we need to figure out where it's coming from so the doctors can know what do to next.  The good thing is that the bleeding is slow and not brisk. 

Dad will be staying the night and he'll continue to be monitored.  They will be giving him another blood transfusion and will also need to reduce his coumadin levels which is his blood thinning medication that he's been taking since his previous blood clot found in his leg.  It does get a little tricky as they don't want new blood clots to form, but they also don't want to cause additional bleeding from various procedures they are considering doing. 

As it stands now, tomorrow dad will have an endoscopy procedure where they will take a camera and go through his mouth to see if they might be able to find the source of the bleeding.  Updates will continue through the blog as information is known. 

Prayer Requests:
  • That the source of the bleeding will be found quickly and there will be positive solution
  • During the endoscopy procedure, that no additional bleeding is caused from the procedure.
  • That a Hospital room will open up.  Dad is still in the ER waiting for a hospital room to open up.

Prayer Coverage Needed

Hello Family and Friends-

I just got off the phone with my mom and she is taking my dad to Northside ER.  Dad hadn't been feeling good all weekend and even after another blood transfusion, he still had a fever, was weak and tired.  Mom and dad went to the doctor's office this morning.  From the blood tests the doctors ran, they have discovered that his blood counts are very low.  Not good considering he just got some blood on Friday.  They believe he is bleeding internally somewhere.  His heart rate is high and it's likely that he will be admitted for observation so they can figure out where he is bleeding. 

I'll be sure to update as soon as I have more information.  In the meantime, we could use some prayer coverage.  Many thanks to all of you lifting us up!

August 2, 2011

A Visit to the Oncologist

Hello Friends! 

Yesterday dad had a visit with his oncologist.  She has ordered a lot of different blood tests and a detailed iron survey on his blood.  It's very likely that dad will begin an iron therapy regimen.  Dad's energy level hasn't fully gotten back to normal and the iron will help with that. 

His doctor has also given him a bronchitis dilator/ inhaler to help open the air ways in his lungs.  She believes the tumors in his lungs are potentially choking dad's windpipes. Yikes! She's ordered a PET Scan and a CT Scan for Monday to see how much the tumors in his lungs have grown and to see the growth of all other tumors.  If the tumors get bad enough in dad's chest, he will most likely have to do radiation. 

She has also given dad an anti-nausea pill specifically for cancer patients and it's really helped with dad being able to keep food in his stomach.  He's loving all the food he can eat again without making him sick! 

While dad's energy isn't fully back to normal, the medicine he's been given and the inhaler are all helping dad have additional oxygen and it's helped tremendously already.  Dad told me that he's starting to feel like his fun loving and crazy self.  :)

We ask that you continue to pray for healing, energy, no pain, and wisdom for the doctors in their diagnosis.

God Bless!

July 22, 2011

Back from summer vacation and recent update...

Hello's been a while since my last update, thank you for checking in....

Mom and Dad recently got back from vacation.  They spent a week in ME seeing the beautiful sights, shopping (for mom), and eating what dad calls Lobst-AH rolls.  It was a nice time for just the two of them to relax and enjoy each other's company. 

Yesterday, dad had his regular infusion therapy for his bones and it went well.  With the new type of medicaiton they are using, dad continues to sleep through the night and not feel sick after those infusions which is a blessing.  Lately, dad's iron counts have been low and he's had to have some blood transfusions.  Today, he had two blood transfusion to help get his iron counts where they need to be.  With the low iron counts, it does cause dad to become weak and not have his normal strength.  We are praying that dad's strength continues to get stronger. 

Key prayer requests:
  • Healing
  • Strength
  • Normal Iron counts
  • Positive attitudes from doctors

June 23, 2011

Time for rest...

Below is another update from my mom regarding dad's radiation today:

Mike is at home now resting - the doctors said they thought the radiation went well and that they were able to target the tumor precisely - we'll really be able to tell in about 3 months when he has his next brain MRI.  He is on meds for swelling and pain though right now he has very little of both.  To clear up something I said earlier - Mike's WHOLE procedure took 6 hours - which included medicating him, screwing the harness on his head, computations for the radiation, etc.  The radiation alone only took about 1 hour.  Sorry if any of you thought the radiation alone was 6 hours!  Thank you all for praying for him - we definitely felt the Lord's presence today!

Update from mom at the doctor's office

This morning dad went in to have radiation on his brain tumor.  The procedure should take about 6 hours.  Below is an email sent from my mom this's very encouraging.  

Good morning everyone! We are here at the cancer center and Mike is getting prepped for the radiation. Brain doc came in this morning with fabulous news! There is only ONE tumor and it is very small - the other tumor that they saw before, the one the size of a quarter, is actually scar tissue from the tumor taken out in October!! This is very encouraging to us - we most definitely feel God's presence with us - thank you all for praying - I will keep you posted! Love, Jeanne

June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!! And Prayer Updates!

We hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day weekend!  We were able to celebrate Father's Day two weekends ago as a family.  We enjoyed a great cookout, swimming, and a water balloon toss....who doesn't love that?  We had a great time!  I've posted some pictures below.

Updates on Dad:

Strengthening of his Hip Bones:
This past Friday, dad has his infusion therapy and thankfully, the new medicine isn't making him sick.  He's feeling good!  Yeah! 

Brain Tumor:
Dad has also met with his neurosurgeon to discuss the found brain tumors.  As a reminder, dad gets checked every three months and this last check, they actually found two tumors behind where his former brain tumor was.  One is the size of a quarter and the other is the size of a pea.  Dad loves his Brain Surgeon.  He's a positive guy, makes dad laugh, and dad makes him laugh.  We are in need of much more positive doctors!  The doctor has been really encouraging and believes he can treat these tumors.  This THURSDAY, dad will have a mega blast of radiation on those two tumors.  Pray that this radiation "zaps" the tumors and there are no complications. 

Another prayer request is for the other doctors dad sees.  Pray that they will have compassion towards dad.  That they will have words of encouragement and understanding.  Sometimes dad feels like a statistic when in their presence and they don't always seem like they want to fight this cancer. 

Dad needs words of encouragement and love.  Thank you to so many of you that have shared your love for dad and our family with your prayers, words and cards!!

Mom and Dad
 Dad cooking Steak Kabobs
 Lunch is served!

June 9, 2011

Results from Brain MRI

Dad received a phone call today from his oncologist that another tumor has developed in his brain.  It's about 1.6 cm in size and is located towards the back of the brain (his first brain tumor was towards the front). 

The good news is that the doctors believe they can treat it.  Currently, they are recommending that he has ten blasts of radiation.  While we aren't sure when that will start, we do know that it will start soon. 

Dad has a follow up appointment next week to meet with his Brain Surgeon and we will have more details then.

While this came as a surprise, dad is in good spirits....I'm sure that doesn't surprise many of you.  The attitude we all have is that we can do something about this and that's a good thing. 

June 7, 2011

Recent Update, Praises, and Prayer Requests

The summer has begun and it is HOT here in HOTlanta!  I believe we've had 9 days straight of 90 degree weather!  Thankfully, mom and dad have a beautiful pool in their backyard to cool off!   Most of the family was able to get together for Memorial weekend and we enjoyed the sun, the pool, burgers and family.  This coming weekend we are planning to celebrate Father's Day early and celebrate a family birthday.  I'm loving spending great time with the family.  I feel so blessed. 

Some new praises, prayer requests, and updates to share regarding dad's health.  Will you continue to join me in prayer and praise?

  • PRAISE:  Dad had recent infusion therapy to strengthen his hip bones where he has a tumor.  This therapy usually makes dad feel really sick.  This last treatment, the doctor's tried a new type of medication and the next morning he was out and about having breakfast with a symptoms of sickness!  HUGE praise! 

  • Dad will continue receiving infusion therapy each month indefinitely.  His next treatment is June 17th.  Please pray that the treatment does its job in strengthening dad's bones and dad continues to feel great after treatment with no symptoms.

  • Every three months, dad gets a Brain MRI to test if there are any new brain tumors that have developed.  Today, dad went in for his Brain MRI.  He gets the results next Wednesday.  Please pray for no new tumors.

  • Update on Blood Clot in dad's leg: The size of the blood clot has decreased significantly....huge praise!  Dad will continue to take blood thinning medication as he is high risk for developing more blood clots.  Pray for no new blood clots.

  • We have known that dad has multiple tumors in his chest area including his lungs.  Dad has been expereincing some pain in his chest and shortness of breath.  Please pray that the tumors do not continue to spread, grow or cause harm to dad's breathing. 

Dad has come a long way since last October...really since 1997...and we've seen praise after praise with the Lord's hand on dad.  I know He has many great things in store for dad in the future.  Your prayers, encouraging email notes, cards in the mail, and verbal encouragements and love have been and continue to be a blessing to dad and our entire family.  Thank you!

May 6, 2011

Michael A. Grant meets Michael A. Grant

Last Friday Dad and J.T. spent the evening at a boxing event hosted here in Atlanta.  This was their first boxing event and Dad treated J.T. to front row seats to see all the action.  As they were watching the heavyweight fighters slug it out in the third round, a woman who was working the event and a large man approached....the man was 6'7" and 250 pounds.  The woman asked Dad and J.T. to see their tickets and accused them of sitting in the wrong seats.  Dad and J.T. were really upset by her request.  Each front row seat had the person's name on the back of the seat...with dad's seat saying Michael A. Grant.  Dad and J.T. insisted the seats were theirs, were able to show their tickets and eventually the man and woman left.  Turns out, the huge dude trying to take Dad's seat was also named Michael A. Grant.  He is a heavyweight boxer currently ranked #3 in the world!  What are the chances?!?!

April 26, 2011

How Great Thou Art...

Thank you to the many of you that lifted Dad up in prayer this past Easter weekend.  He did have the treatment on Friday which did cause him to have severe side effects all day Saturday.  Thankfully, dad started to feel a bit better on Sunday with the high fever decreasing and minimal side effects.  Yesterday, he felt well enough to go back to work.  HUGE PRAISE!  We are thankful that the side effects didn't last nearly as long this time around and it has given dad courage to continue with future treatments next month. 

In the spirit of Easter and believing how truly great our God is, I wanted to share this with you:

April 15, 2011

Relaxing Vacation and another Prayer Request!

This past week, dad and mom have been vacationing at Sandestin Resort near Destin, FL.  They've been enjoying each others company, catching up on some reading, naps by the pool and beach, date night dinners ending with movies, and getting some sun!  I'm thankful mom and dad have been able to get away for a while...just the two of them to recharge!

We do have another prayer request for Friday, April 22nd....mark you calendars! 

 On Friday, dad will be having his second dose of the infusion therapy.  This is the heavy drug that helps strengthen his bones.  The first treatment last month made dad really sick and kept him in bed for several days with little to no sleep.  All the worst symptoms he could have gotten...he got.  We pray that this second treatment doesn't give dad severe side fact, let's pray that there are NO symptoms!

Thank you for continuing to join us as prayer warriors for dad!  

March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

We had a great time celebrating Dad's birthday on March 25th!

Dad's co-workers surprised him with a special birthday lunch at his office and invited the family to join.  During lunch, dad got a surprise phone call from comedian Jeff Foxworthy!  Jeff called to personally wish dad a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and to share some jokes with him.  They even hired a Comedian to entertain us after lunch.  She was hysterical and had the crowd rolling with laughter!  She got to involve dad on some of her jokes (see picture below).  What a special memory!  Dad really felt loved by his peers!

Dad entertaining us during a card trick.

This past Sunday, we got to celebrate with the family....we celebrated dad and all the April Birthdays as well....There are many of us!  It was great to spend time with all of the family and we hope for many more birthdays to come!

March 23, 2011

Answered Prayers!

God is so good! 

The past two nights have been good nights for Dad.  He hasn't felt sick and he's been able to have a good nights of rest.  He's even gone to work these past two days.  What a great answer to prayer!  While this therapy is rough for him in the initial days of treatment, dad has chosen to continue with this therapy each month to prevent bone fractures.  We pray that future treatments won't have these severe side effects. 

Dad still feels weak and doesn't have all of his energy back.   Please continue to pray for his strength.

We are so thankful for your prayers and thankful the Lord has His hand on dad.

March 21, 2011

Prayer Request

Last Friday, dad received infusion therapy to the area where his bone tumor was radiated.  This type of treatment is to strengthen the bones in his hips and prevent fractures.   He is scheduled to have this therapy once every month for at least four months.  Since treatment, dad has continued to experience heavy side effects from this and isn't feel very well. 

Our specific prayer requests are:
  • Dad will no longer have the severe side effects.
  • Dad will regain his strength and energy.
  • The therapy will work to strengthen his bones. 

March 16, 2011

Another Great Praise Report!

Yesterday, dad met with his neurologist to learn of the results from his brain MRI.  There continues to be no additional found tumors in dad's brain.  We are so thankful for this praise report!  Thank you all for your continued prayers and positive words of encouragement!

If you would like to add an encourage note for dad to read, please feel free to add a comment to this blog.  If you don't have a google account, you may share a comment anonymously and list your name at the end of your comment.   

February 27, 2011

"Feeling Good"

When you ask dad how he's feeling....he'll tell you he's feeling good!  Which is GREAT news!  He continues to take medication for the blood clot in his leg and pain medication for the tumor in his hip.  On a scale of one to ten, his pain level these days is a 1-2.  We are so thankful for this.  In June, dad will have an ultrasound to see if the blood clot has healed and gone away.

On March 6th at 9:30 AM, dad will have an MRI of his brain.  We are praying for no tumors....please join us in this prayer request.   

The entire family is thankful for your many prayers and encouraging words. 

Speaking of encouraging words, here is a poem written for and about my dad in February 2010 by his son-in-law, JT.

God’s Favored Michael Grant

When God looks down for faithful men,
And searches sea and land,
He smiles when He looks upon
His favored Michael Grant.

For angels know the life he’s lived,
And the giants that he’s faced.
But no trial yet has shaken him,
Nor slowed him in his pace.

The work’s not done; there’s more to do.
God’s hand is on him still,
Moving men and mountains,
In service to His will.

It’s not for pride, nor for the crowd,
That might see and give a cheer.
It’s Christ in him and God’s applause,
That makes him persevere.

Mike simply lives to tell the world
Of how Jesus Christ came through.
As, in fact, He always does
For those who trust Him, too.

Commit your way to Christ,
And all your plans succeed.
Just as Michael Grant has done,
In heart and word and deed.


January 31, 2011

Recent Praise Report

Several Praises to report:

  • Test results from dad's full body bone scan showed that there was no additional evidence of tumors in others parts of his bones.
  • Recent update on dad's chest scan showed limited/slow growth on existing tumors since the last scan which was about a year ago.
  • Pain in Dad's hip is decreasing. He's been able to take some pain medication that helps with this as well.
We are thankful for our faith that has helped us get through these "roller coaster" of emotions. Dad's spirits are great (as always) and we know God is holding him in His hands. No matter what the outcome of all this, we trust that God knows what He's doing with regard to dad and we accept it as His perfect will.

Past 3 months Update on Dad's battle with cancer

Back in October of 2010, dad had started feeling pain in his hip. After weeks of "tolerating" the pain, he went to the doctor where they discovered a massive blood clot from his hip area to his foot. He was admitted immediately into the hospital where he was to receive blood thinning medication and a "stint" to prevent the clot from traveling to his heart. Possible treatment was to do a major clot busting procedure. The doctors decided to have dad undergo a brain scan to make sure there were no tumors in the brain as the clot busting procedure could cause tumors to bleed. They discovered a tumor in his brain. The initial response we received from one doctor was that dad had days to live. We were given hope when dad met with the neurosurgeon that was confident he could remove the tumor with dad being able to recover and ultimately start taking blood thinning medication. Within a week, dad had the tumor removed and recovered fairly quickly. He was cleared to go back to work and could start taking blood thinning medication for the clot in his leg. Dad had received one big blast of radiation to the brain area where the tumor had been to make sure we got all the cancer in that area. As always, he continues on with his positive spirit that has touched so many.

This picture was taken before Thanksgiving, only days after he returned home from brain surgery. Doesn't he look incredible! We are so thankful.

Dad did still have pain in his hip area and tests had to be done to make sure there was nothing else going on. On December 23, 2010, we got a call that dad did have a tumor in his bone near the hip area. While there is no cure for bone cancer, it can be treated to stunt growth and to decrease pain.

Dad is towards the end of a 15 day treatment of radiation to that targeted area. He has been experiencing fatigue from the radiation which is a normal side effect. We pray that the radiation will work quickly to remove some of the pain that dad is still experiencing in the hip and that it will stop the spreading/growth of the existing tumor.

History of Dad's Battle with Cancer

Back in 1997, dad was first diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma...Kidney Cancer. Doctors had found a tumor that was attached to his kidney that ended up being the size of three large softballs weighing eight pounds once removed. He was in "remission" for several years and was going to the doctor every year for his annual check up. In 2000, we received news that the cancer had spread with found tumors in his lungs, pancreas, and adrenal gland. The prognosis wasn't good. The doctors had given him months to live. Dad has always chosen "Quality of Life" over "Quantity of Life". Because he was feeling great, he chose not to receive any type of treatment as it would not be a "cure" for this type of cancer and would only make him feel sick. Over time, the tumor in his lung disappeared....doctors call it: spontaneous remission....we call it: God's Healing. After several years of limited to no growth in the the other tumors, Dad's adrenal gland and the tumor attached were removed laparoscopically. Dad would continue to go to the doctor for checkups to see if there had been any growth to existing tumors. We learned in 2007 that the cancer had continued to spread and there were hundreds of tumors throughout his body...specifically in his chest area. Again, there is no "cure" for this type of cancer; therefore, no treatment had been received....just many prayers for healing and no growth/pain from cancer.

Dad continues to live his life pleasing to the Lord. Those of you that know him personally, he has always LOOKED great through this cancer battle and FELT great. Passing him on the street, you would never know these tumors/cancer are growing inside of him. He continues to have great joy in his life and has had peace knowing he is in the Lord's Hands. Truly, dad is a walking miracle. Initially, doctors had given him months to live, but the Lord had other plans for him and we are thankful for that.

Father-Daughter Dates

I want to share with you what an incredible dad Mike Grant is to me:

Since I was a little girl, I've always looked up to my dad. He has this joy in his life that is contagious and you always want to be around him. I remember as a little girl my dad wanted to take me on my very first date! I remember I got a new dress (red and white stripe) for the occasion and we dined at Ruby Tuesdays! I remember how much fun it was to spend that one on one time with my dad. Little did I know that these dates would become a tradition for us and something I always looked forward to. Throughout growing up, dad would always make time for me....just me...on these father/daughter dates.

My most memorable father/daughter date was when I was in college. Dad's cancer had returned and the prognosis wasn't very good. I came home from school one weekend to have dinner with the family and finish the evening with a father-daughter date. Dad and I spent time at a coffee shop talking about life, school, and my future. When we finished our coffee, he said he had somewhere he wanted to take me and it was a surprise. I remember thinking that dad was going to take me dancing somewhere....something we both enjoyed as we had been to many father-daughter dances at our church. Instead, dad pulled the car into our church parking lot. I was sure that dad wanted to pray with me there. When we walked into the Narthex of the church, there was a bouquet of sunflowers (my favorite flower). He handed me the bouquet and told that he understood how hard it was for me knowing that he might not be able to walk me down the wedding aisle one day. That was my dream...something I always wanted my daddy to do for me as I met my groom. Dad told me that it was his dream too....he desired to one day walk me down the aisle as well. He told me he wanted to walk me down the aisle that night! As we opened the doors to the sanctuary, the church was already decorated for a wedding which was to take place the next day. My dad walked me down the aisle and where I would meet my future groom, was my entire family. It was an emotional time, but a very special time. To know that the experience and moment was just as important to him as it was to me showed me how much he truly loved me as his daughter.

The Lord is good. He knows the desires of our hearts and this prayer He answered. Dad was able to officially walk me down the aisle on October 7, 2007.


Welcome to this new blog for sharing updates on my dad's life and his battle with cancer. I've created this blog to have a central resource for family, friends, co-workers, prayer warriors and peers to check up on the latest news. This blog will serve as a place for updates on dad and comments of encouraging words/prayers for friends to share. I will be including some pictures and stories here and there....I want those who don't know dad personally to get a sense of who he is as a person and to put a face with a name on whom they are praying for.

Throughout this blog, I will share incredible stories of my dad's character and what he means to so many different people. It is my prayer that the Lord be glorified through my dad's life in these stories. If you have a story you would like to add about how my dad has touched your life, please feel free to send me an email: